I’m a PhD candidate at a large Catholic university on the East Coast in Religion and Culture.  My abiding love is New Orleans, her history, her culture, the world that made her, and the worlds that she occupies.  Otherwise, I work on American religion more broadly, with interests in American Catholicism, Vodou, religion and disease, immigrant groups and religion, and the Afro-Caribbean world.  I work on Jewish Studies with somewhat less frequency, dabble in Tolkien studies, and wander into the medieval world and art history with fair frequency.  I can never resist a great cemetery, and my dissertation is shaping up to be about New Orleans funerary culture.

I have a history brain crush on Shelby Foote, I can’t seem to get through a conversation without referencing Bernard Lonergan or Robert Orsi, and I ardently admire Thomas Tweed and Lucy Worsley.  Halloween is my favourite holiday, and I tend towards the Gothic in life as well as in decorating.  I love coffee, football season (go Hawkeyes!), ballet, all things pumpkin, the work of JRR Tolkien, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I am a Southern girl, born and bred, New Orleans is my spiritual home, and I return as often to the Gulf South as humanly possible.  I currently live in Maryland with my fiancé along with our two darling cats, who are all spoiled rotten beyond belief.


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