This blog is part of my work as a PhD candidate and part of my efforts as a professional academic to bring my research and work to a wider audience than religious studies often has.

As such, all comments are moderated.  I welcome comments about the content of the blog, or discussions of posts.  I am intensely curious about my readership, and people who wander here from Google or what have you.  However, maintaining an appropriate tone and a certain level of on-point discussion is expected.  I reserve the right to delete comments that do not contribute to the intent of this blog, that do not engage in respectful dialogue, or use racist, sexist, or otherwise oppressive language or content.  I will not tolerate abusive language, excessive profanity, trolling behaviour, inflammatory comments, threatening behaviour, or anything else that pings on my radar as a problem.  I am a woman on the internet.  I know what problems look like as they develop.  Don’t start them here.

This is, as a consequence, a highly subjective moderating policy.  I’m okay with that.  Be polite to each other, don’t threaten anyone, and stay on-topic.  If you wouldn’t say it in a classroom, don’t say it here.  And if you do say something inappropriate, I will put on my TA hat and remove offending material immediately.  Basically, be excellent to each other, and let’s talk.


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